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- One Sunday each month?

We need volunteers in our children's ministry.  If you are interested in joining a monthly rotation, contact Chris Branigan.

- One day each week?

Can you volunteer one day (or part of a day) each week?  Tasks might include computer work, printing, folding worship folders, inventorying supplies, sending emails, making phone calls, etc.  Contact Chris Branigan.


First, let’s be clear…we don’t ask people outside of our church family to financially support us. But we’ve added this link since many have asked how they can give online.

You can also mail us a check (remember those things). Sure, it’s more of a hassle. But sending a check ensures that 100% of your donation goes to our church (instead of losing a percentage to online transaction fees).

Mail to: 6301 Granbury Rd.  Fort Worth, TX 76133

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