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Financial Coaching

Services and Upcoming Classes

Financial Peace University

Next class starts October 11, 6:00pm
Childcare provided
Meal starts
at 5:30pm
Course is free.  Workbook costs $40 if you don't already own one.

Get control of your finances by Christmas!

In this 9-week class, Sherry Burton, a certified Dave Ramsey Financial Coach will help you make a budget that works for YOU and understand your important financial issues.

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Financial Coaching

Meet in a personal, one-on-one, coaching session with our financial advisor.  Talk through your current expenses, make action plans, and more!

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Sherry Burton

"I’ve been following Dave Ramsey for over 15 years. I began my own journey to become debt free shortly thereafter, even though it seemed like a slow process. However, the more “smart” things we did, the more traction we gained and were able to become debt free in 2016. Even with over 20 years of accounting experience, the budgeting process and becoming debt free didn’t click until I started listening to Dave Ramsey.  There is literally no feeling in the world like being debt free.

Becoming a financial coach seemed like the next logical step. I have a passion to help other people experience being debt free and able to 'live like no one else!'"

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