Camp FUSE doesn’t want to turn away any child!

Scholarships are given on a case-by-case basis.  

Free lunch at school = $12.50/week
Reduced lunch at school = $15/week

To request a scholarship, please email the following information (block out all sensitive information such as account numbers and social security numbers before emailing) to email below before registering.  Then go through the regular registration steps and click "Payment Plan" option.   If your scholarship request is approved, we will adjust your total to the reduced rates.  This is the only want to pay at reduced rates.  Please send us:

  • Proof of income: benefits letter (SNAP, SSI/SSDI, TANF) or check stubs for the last 30 days

  • Bank Statement

  • Letter from school stating your child is eligible for free/reduced lunch.  If registering multiple children, please send letter for each child

Scholarship may also be applied to Extended Fun for an additional $10/week or $15/week.


Remember to send your scholarship information to the email below!

(There is no need to upload it to your confirmation email)