Frequently Asked Questions

Our primary goal is to serve the families with the greatest financial AND summer childcare needs (very low-income families who have no other summer childcare options available to them). We are happy to serve all families, but those with less financial and/or summer childcare needs will pay more. Here’s a price explanation (broken down by average daily cost), from highest to lowest:

Regular Price:  $50/week if you register your child for the whole summer. You will pay this price if your child is not eligible for free/reduced school lunch prices. up front.  

Total: $450     


Tier 2 Scholarship:  $25/week if you register your child for the entire summer program.  You will pay this price if your child is eligible for REDUCED school lunch prices.  

Total Summer: $225     


Tier 1 Scholarship:  $12.50/week if you register your child for the entire summer program. You will pay this price if your child is eligible for FREE school lunch prices. 

Total: $112.50       

How much does it cost?

How do I register?

Our new registration management software is called Jumbula.  It helps us keep track of everything.  First you need to create a family account where you will add your children's information as well as yours.  Upon clicking "Register" it will automatically upload the required information into the form.  You will continue filling out the additional information.

You are able to sign up for all of your weeks you need and then pay for them (by the Thursday before) from this website.  You can track payments and set up automatic payments.  

From this site, you can sign up for Camp and Extended Fun.  Simply select "Camp FUSE" or "Extended Fun" and select which child to complete the form.  

What's on the new website?

How do I make an online payment if I didn't pay in full at the beginning?

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How do I get reduced rates?

Please go to our “Scholarship” page to read more.

Do I have to pay online?

No, but the online time we will accept cash is at the parent meetings.  They are scheduled every Thursday through Camp at 5 PM. 

When are the Parent Meetings

June 5 at 6 PM                                                 July 3 at 5 PM

June 6 at 6 PM                                                 July 11 at 5 PM

June 13 at 5 PM                                               July 18 at 5 PM

June 20 at 5 PM                                               July 25 at 5 PM

June 27 at 5 PM                                               August 1 at 5 PM

What is the minimum age to attend?

6 years old

Do you provide transportation?


What are the Extended Fun(Care) hours?

Early care begins at 7:30 am (30 minutes before camp opens) and ends at 5:00pm (2 hours after camp closes).

“I have to be at work by 8am and I do not get off until 4pm, what are my options?”
We offer Extended Fun that covers from 7:30 drop off and you have until 5:00 pm to pick up.  Payment is due each week by the Thursday before your selected week.  

How much is Extended Fun?

Extended Fun is $25/week per child.  Payment must be made by the Thursday before, online or in person, for each week you would like to your child to attend.  Cash payments accepted on Thursday's at the parent meetings. 

Are reduced rates available for Extended Fun?

Yes.  They are based off of your scholarship level.

Full Price: $25

Tier 2: $15

Tier 1: $10

Is dinner provided at Extended Fun?

No but a light snack around 3:30 is.

Do I need to provide lunch for my child?

Not unless your child has special food requirements (e.g. allergies or food intolerances). We partner with Tarrant Area Food Bank who supplies our breakfast and lunch meals. If you do decide to pack a lunch for your child, please keep in mind that we do not allow any soda, chips or candy unless you bring enough for every child.

Who is able to receive a meal?

While our camp is tailored to those 6-13, any child from the community can come in and receive breakfast or lunch. The meal must be eaten on site and the child will be asked to leave once meal time is over.

There is a chance we will go out of town for a week or part of a week, can I get a refund?

If you think there is the possibility of your child missing part of the week you have signed up for, we cannot prorate weekly costs. Please note that while we understand emergencies happen, we have dedicated this time to serve you and your family and would love for your child to come to Camp FUSE as much as possible. We work hard to ensure we have enough staff and volunteers available therefore we will not issue any refunds on weeks missed.
Also, while we do not expect to send your child home, please note that in the case that either we or you decide that the camp is not for your child there will not be any refunds given. It is very important to talk to your child about their expected behavior and participation. We want everyone to grow from this experience and enjoy their time at Camp FUSE.

How and when do I make my payment?

Payment is due by the Thursday before each week (if paying weekly).  Payments are either online through our Jumbula site, or by cash on our Thursday parent meetings. 


What happens if I'm late picking up my child?

A ‎$1 per minute late fee will be assessed after 3:10 pm (fee will not exceed $20). If your child is not enrolled in Extended Fun program or you have not notified the camp staff that you are running late your child will be taken to the police department at 3:30pm. The late fee must be paid the next morning before you will be allowed to drop off your child.


The same extended late times apply for Extended Fun.

Will my child be required to participate in all activities?

Yes, we work hard to ensure that we have age, ability and interest appropriate activities for your child. All activities, including chapel are required. It helps build your child’s socialization skills, confidence and character. We all learn, engage and grow together over the summer.

How should my child dress?

Comfortably! We do not recommend any new clothing items and we require closed toe shoes- No Flip Flops!! Children in flip Flops will not be allowed to enter camp. This is for their safety.  Campers also are to wear a t-shirt, no tank tops or spaghetti straps.  

I may need to contact my child during the day, can they bring their cell phone?

While we understand the need to be able to each your child, we do ask that all electronic devices (phones, games, headphones, etc.) be left at home. Your child will not have time for those items and we are NOT responsible for anything that is lost, stolen or damaged. 

Will there be any field trips?

No, all activities will take place on our campus.

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