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We strive to offer quality and affordable Christian counseling through licensed and pre-licensed counselors.  

Our counselors have been trained from accredited institutions and are licensed or working on practicum hours towards licensure.  So even if you are not a person of faith, we trust you will benefit from their professional assistance as you work through life's big issues.  


Supervised by Cassie Reid, Ph.D., LPC-Supervisor 

Individual and Couples





Gottman Therapy

$65 - 50 minute session

Financial assistance available at discounted prices of $35 or $50 per session, based on need.

Family and Groups




$75 - 70 minute session

Financial assistance available at discounted prices of $45 or $60 per session, based on need.



Pre-marital counseling available for 4-6  sessions based on counselor's discretion.


Cost includes Prepare/Enrich Assessment


Financial Assistance Determination may take up to 3 business days for new clients.  Therefore, if you are a new client hoping to receive a discounted rate, we recommend you schedule your first appointment at least 7 days in advance. Once you have scheduled an appointment, you will receive a Financial Assistance Application within your online client portal. That application will guide you through all necessary steps. If you have scheduled at least 7 days in advance and qualify for financial assistance, your rate should be adjusted before your first appointment.

Meet our counselors

Kathryn heaps

"Counseling is a way for me to walk alongside people of diverse backgrounds right where they are. My positions as Pastoral Counseling Director at Renovation Counseling and as a Practicum Student at The King's University grant me the opportunity to help others overcome barriers that inhibit personal freedom and offer hope for a brighter tomorrow. Feel free to reach out if you or your loved one would benefit from our services! We offer in-person, Zoom & phone sessions at your convenience". 

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Effective September 26, Kathryn is out on maternity leave.  

Shanna fontaine

Shanna knows firsthand what it means to be pursued by God. We are reminded by her story that God can overcome even the most difficult of circumstances through His power and love. Her life experiences have inspired her relentless passion for working with people who have been victimized by abuse or have been injured as a result of drug use and addiction. She is available Wednesdays in-person at Renovation Counseling's office, by appointment virtually on encrypted video conferencing, and in-person by appointment at Denton Hope Community Church of the Nazarene and Denton Willowwood Church of the Nazarene.

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